PMS – Cramps

We have all been raised by our mom’s and grandma’s that having menstrual cramps was “normal” and we should just take a Tylenol or Midol to alleviate the symptoms.  This is NOT normal.  Our periods should appear spontaneously with no warning.  This includes spotting, backache, headaches, emotional outbursts, sadness, fatigue, bloating, digestive issues and breast tenderness.

While Acupuncture is ideal to help prevent these symptoms, during our (COVID) break, we recommend some pressure points (see video) and foods such as peaches, ginger, red dates, no cold or raw foods and lots of water.  We also recommend castor oil packs.

To use a castor oil pack, use as preventative typically days when you are not bleeding and after ovulation if you are trying to conceive.  Rub castor oil on your abdomen below your belly button and just above your pubic bone.  Cover with a wash cloth.  Place a hot pack (bottle, rice bag, heating pad) on top for 20 minutes.  Relax.  TIP: Place the wash cloth in a sealable bag and place in fridge as to preserve the oil and wash every cycle.

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